Duo New Me
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Duo New Me

Wellness Essentials

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Balances the intestinal flora

Facilitates digestion

Improves emotional balance

Reduces physical and mental fatigue

Celebrate Christmas with peace of mind with these two 100% natural and vegan expert formulas. This duo, rich in probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins and plant extracts, contributes to the well-being and balance of body and mind.


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  • 1 month

Made in France

Cruelty Free


5 strains of probiotics

Micro-organisms naturally present in our intestinal physiology that restore the balance of the microbiota.


Supports physical and mental performance while promoting good morale.

Natural vitamin D3

From lichen. Allows the proper assimilation of calcium in our body, essential to the nervous, bone and muscle systems.

Organic acacia sap

A 100% plant-based prebiotic with anti-inflammatory and digestive comfort properties.


Promotes physical and nervous balance and helps to relax.


Contributes to the improvement of vitality and promotes resistance to fatigue.

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This year, celebrate your CHRISTMAS D-REAM with an essential D-LAB treatment!
For yourself or for your loved ones, offer a Christmas kit iconic and ultra-practical.

Because we like to take care of you, we have developed three essential cures Beauty, Wellness, and Anti-aging to start the year 2022 in top form.

Take advantage of a velvet case signed D-LAB to carry your cures, your beauty essentials, and to store everything in your bag ;)

The Duo New MeThis is the essential wellness treatment. It combines theAbsolute Symbiotic to balance the intestinal flora, with Doses of Mental Clarity to improve emotional balance and cognitive performance.



Absolute Symbiotic naturally stimulates gut health and immunity. This formula comes in the form of an odourless powder with a neutral taste. It can be diluted in cold water and mixed with food (yoghurts, compotes, etc.).

  • Probiotic strains gradually rebalance the intestinal microbiota, often referred to as our second brain. Probiotics promote digestion and stimulate the immune system.
  • Prebiotics of plant origin such as FOS (Fructo-oligosaccharide) and acacia sap contribute to the health of the microbiota and gently regulate intestinal transit.
  • Vitamins C and D3 are essential nutrients for the health of the body and the maintenance of physical condition, including the immune, nervous, bone and muscle systems.

Absolute Symbiotic

For 1 spoon of 3.5g

FOS (Fructo-oligosaccharides) from the biosynthesis of beet sugar 2 g
Acacia fibre 1,25 g

Mix of 5 probiotic strains:

  • Lactobacillus rhamnosus (5 billion CFU*)
  • Lactobacillus plantarum (5 billion CFU*)
  • Lactobacillus paracasei (5 billion CFU*)
  • Bifidobacterium bifidum (5 billion CFU*)
  • Bifidobacterium lactis (5 billion CFU*)
200 mg
Bio-fermented vitamin C 24 mg
Vitamin D3 from lichen 5 µg 100%

NRV: Nutritional Reference Values


Doses of Mental Clarity contains 3 100% ORGANIC plant extracts known to give the body tone and vitality and compensate for physical and intellectual fatigue. The ideal way to start afresh and refocus on yourself!

  • Organic saffron extract contains a high content of safranal, the main molecule in the fight against stress. Thanks to its antioxidant properties and its natural anti-depressant properties, it regulates the nervous system and promotes relaxation.
  • Organic ginger extract has stimulating properties on the nervous system to improve vitality and energy. Thanks to its recognised toning virtues, it improves the body's resistance to fatigue, protects and defends the body against external aggressions.
  • Organic maca extract helps to stimulate intellectual activity and promotes good morale. It has many virtues for the body and mind and offers energising and toning properties to naturally combat mental fatigue and strengthen the memory.


Doses of Mental Clarity

For 1 bag

Organic Ginger***

4.5 g

Organic Maca

1.5 g

Saffron BIO***

140 mg


    Ingredients of the Symbiotic Absolute  (1 spoon of 3.5 g) :  Prebiotics: FOS - Fructo-oligosaccharides 2 g; bio-synthesis of beet sugar - Acacia fibre 1.25 g; exudate of stem and branches - Probiotics 200 mg : Lactobacillus rhamnosus (5 billion CFU*), Lactobacillus plantarum (5 billion CFU*), Lactobacillus paracasei (5 billion CFU*), Bifidobacterium bifidum (5 billion CFU*), Bifidobacterium lactis (5 billion CFU*) - Bio-fermented vitamin C 24 mg 30% NRV - Vitamin D3 from lichen 10 µg 200% NRV.


    Ingredients of Mental Clarity Doses (1 bag) : Ginger extract 2.25g (4.5g***) - Maca extract 1,5 g • Saffron extract titrated in safranal 28 mg (140 mg***)


    Colony forming unit 
    Saffron contributes to emotional balance, relaxation and maintaining a positive mood - Maca contributes to stimulating intellectual activity and strengthening the memory - Ginger contributes to strengthening vitality and energy and resistance to fatigue.
    Dry Plant Equivalent



    odbudowa naturalnej odporności

    zapewnia równowagę emocjonalną

    wzmacnia koncentrację

    wspiera prawidłową pracę jelit

    In your pack

    Pure Symbiotic


    Odbudowa naturalnej odporności

    Zawiera naturalne witaminy C i D3 oraz błonnik

    5 szczepów tyndalizowanych probiotyków

    Zawiera 100% organiczne prebiotyki pozyskane z akacji

    Pure Symbiotic to suplement o neutralnym smaku w formie proszku, który poprawia funkcjonowanie całego organizmu poprzez zrównoważenie flory jelitowej. Bogaty w probiotyki, prebiotyki i naturalne witaminy, jest doskonałym uzupełnieniem codziennej diety, a dzięki zawartości składników aktywnych zadba o odporność całej rodziny, gdyż może być stosowany zarówno przez dzieci i dorosłych.

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    Doses of Mental Clarity


    Improves emotional balance

    Fights against nervous tension

    Boosts concentration

    Reduces mental fatigue

    7 days to radically change our state of mind and take a step back in complicated times. This 100% organic formula is composed of 3 plant extracts known to restore the body's tone and vitality and compensate for physical and intellectual fatigue. The ideal way to start from scratch and focus on ourselves!

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    Recommendations & Frequently asked questions


    Absolute Symbiotic: 1 teaspoon per day, in a drink or mixed with food. Mental Clarity doses: 1 sachet per day for 7 days. To be diluted in water or milk.

    When ?

    At any time of the day, the main thing is not to forget it :)

    How long ?

    Take as long as you like


    The D-LAB brand

    To ensure formulas respectful of the body, D-LAB has chosen vegetable envelopes and ingredients from French Greentech non-irradiated, GMO-free, nano-particles, preservatives and untested on animals. #YUM